Time is money, so when it comes to your mining projects, the faster the job gets done, the faster you’ll get to market. Gain valuable market share and set your client’s business up for ultimate success by keeping the project on time and within your budget while still delivering the highest quality end product with Dircks national concrete contractor.

We’re often the first boots on the ground, laying the foundation for the rest of the project. We efficiently prep your jobsite, setting the other contractors, and your entire project, up for success. To make your job less stressful, we collaborate with other subcontractors to ensure a smooth process and timeline throughout the course of the project.

A strong foundation is essential for any jobsite, and yours is no different. Even though we work rapidly to finish your project, that doesn’t mean quality suffers. We work with speed and precision to get your mine project done fast without making any errors along the way, or experiencing safety accidents. Our entire team is MSHA certified, and our team leaders certified OSHA 30. However, we let our numbers speak for themselves, with no onsite accidents.  You’ll have a flawless site that safely exceeded your expectations, and your customer will be set for long-lasting success.


Will you travel for our project?

Yes, we will travel anywhere in the United States for the right project.

What type of concrete projects do you do?

Dircks Concrete specializes in large scale industrial and commercial jobs. At this time we do not work on residential projects.

Do you have the manpower to handle my project?

Yes, Dircks Concrete has the crews and project managers to handle numerous large scale projects simultaneously.

How fast can you pour?

At our quickest we have the capabilities to pour 500 + cubic yards per hour. Pouring at this rate is dependent on other vendors and circumstances on each job site.