About Us


After years of pouring concrete on large construction sites, we understand the everyday pressures that come with being a construction manager or general contractor. At every foundation jobsite, we strive to make your job less stressful and easier to manage by streamlining the entire process.

At Dircks, our job isn’t just to make your life easier, it’s also to make you look good. Unlike many other concrete contractors, we go beyond concrete, making sure to always collaborate with all of the subcontractors on the construction site to ensure a smooth project that stays on time and on budget.

Often being the first boots on the ground, we finish the concrete component of our projects rapidly, setting the bar high for the rest of the team. Our unmatched speed doesn’t mean compromised safety or quality though. Our entire team is MSHA certified, and all company leaders carry an additional OSHA 30 certification, proven effective by our 0.77 MOD rating.

Dircks Concrete works in the frac sand industry, commercial industry, electrical power construction industry, and oil/gas.  To learn more, visit our industries page.


Will you travel for our project?

Yes, we will travel anywhere in the United States for the right project.

What type of concrete projects do you do?

Dircks Concrete specializes in large scale industrial and commercial jobs. At this time we do not work on residential projects.

Do you have the manpower to handle my project?

Yes, Dircks Concrete has the crews and project managers to handle numerous large scale projects simultaneously.

How fast can you pour?

At our quickest, we have the capabilities to pour 500 + cubic yards per hour. Pouring at this rate is dependent on other vendors and circumstances on each job site.